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Greetings eSport enthousiasts & fanatics!

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you who’s browsing our brand new website!
It took a bit of a struggle but we are live!

DIVIDED Gaming (or DIVIDED-esports, whichever you prefer) was founded not more than a week ago.
Four guys sat down on Octobre 1st to discuss the next step in their professional work career. With the experience on field & on desk, We feel that the correct mixture is here to go big.

Our goal, is to make our players grow out of their comfort zones and get better by every play.
Competing with the top teams in Europe and turn up the heat in the top 5,
Created not more than a week ago, we are shifting gears fast and it looks very promising!

With our background we feel it is our responsability to keep our players on the tip of their toes & that we are fully responsable for their actions on & off the field.

In a post later on we will be introducing our brand new Counter Strike Team.

On a special note, a big thanks to the creator of the logo:
Bart “Nekz” Suykerbuyk

If you wish to follow us:

Or join our discord by clicking here:

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